The YouBike™ is the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike specifically designed for wheelchair users to exercise the arms and legs. Only weighing 12kg it is lightweight and folds flat so it is easy to store and move around the home easily – you can also use the YouBike™ from an an ordinary chair or the bed whilst lying down.

The hand cranks are connected to the foot cranks via a direct drive belt, meaning they work in tandem but not requiring muscle or power from all four limbs to use. For example if you have a spinal cord injury you can operate the YouBike™ using only your arms but with your legs on the pedals to increase blood flow and give a full body cardio workout.

YouBike Benefits

  • Lightweight and portable – only weighs 12kg!

  • Ideal for a whole range of disabilities.

  • Folds flat for easy storage.

  • Support pedal to keep feet and legs in line and secure.

  • Full cardio workout using arms and legs.

  • Increases blood flow around the body.

Full body cardio workout

YouBike™ is used by a range of people and centres across a range of disabilities as the ideal exercise bike for the arms and legs – such as spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease. If you have limited or no use of legs then the support pedals model will be required.

Difference between the YouBike™ & BerkelBike – although both are for simultaneous arms and legs exercise they are both different and each have benefits depending on what you are looking for. The YouBike™ is a static bike, ideal for use from your wheelchair or on the bed, whereas the BerkelBike can be used outdoors just like a usual bicycle. The BerkelBike is also fully compatible with Function Electrical Simulation (FES) so your legs can be powered as your arms go around.

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