Wheelchair exercise fitness equipment

Not too long ago people believed that if illness or injury caused a person partial, or complete paralysis, that their life would be essentially over. They would forever be confined to a wheelchair and suffer deteriorating health for the rest of their lives.

Recent innovative inventions, the Invictus Active Trainer, the YouBike & the Berkel Bike, have changed the future, allowing those who are experiencing full or partial limitations of their lower extremities the freedom to live active and healthy lives.

invictus trainer

The Invictus Active Trainer

There are many people who have not let their paralysis hold them back, seeking instead to become athletes in a variety of sport activities. The Invictus Active Trainer was designed to help these people to stay fit and even increase their overall balance.

A set of four independent rollers act to create a feel very much like racing the chair on a road surface. The design also allows the athlete the ability to exercise each arm individually if they so choose. The Trainer is light weight and portable enough to be carried and used in the home setting or on the road.

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The YouBike

The YouBike was designed to maintain the cardiovascular health of those with decreased mobility. Even if the person has lost complete use of their legs they can still exercise the muscles as the bike is powered with hand pedals. The feet and legs are strapped comfortable to the leg/foot pedals which are part of a single complete system. As the person turns the hand pedals they are getting an upper body workout, while the leg muscles are being toned at the same time.

Keeping the heart and circulation system healthy in this way helps to increase the bloods circulation through the lower extremities. The end result is healthier skin (with less likelihood of developing pressure sores), muscle tissue, and a decrease in leg cramping. The YouBike is so light weight and versatile it can even be used in the bed.

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Berkel Bike

The Berkel Bike is a hand cycle which is often used by people who have complete control over all their muscles, but this bike can definitely be enjoyed by those who suffer from weakness of the lower body. This is because the hand and foot pedals are connected. The feet can be comfortable strapped to the pedals while the arms to most, or all, of the pedalling work.


A true added bonus of this bike is the addition, with the Pro model, of an FES, or Functional Electrical Stimulation system. This software program is smart enough to recognize the position of the user’s legs while pedaling, and providing electrical stimulation to the leg muscles at just the right time during the cycle movement.

This is a recumbent, tricycle design that provides not only stability and comfort, but freedom of movement, and independence for persons who might otherwise find themselves limited due to injury or illness.

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke, been partially paralyzed from an injury, or even has difficulty with movement because of excess weight, it is time you learned more about the freedom and health benefits of these innovative designs in movement.

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Standing Frame

In the case of disabled children, in addition to all the medical benefits, research has found that standing has a very good effect on their day-to-day activities with better interaction between them and their peers. The children also appear to be more responsive, vocal and alert particularly if they use the mobile option where they can propel themselves.

The EasyStand Bantam is a standing frame that combines a sitting to standing transition together with an added function of a supine stander. A child will be able to tolerate standing for longer periods of time by alternating the positions. It will also make it easier and safer for a parent or carer to transfer and stand the child who will in turn be able to stand more frequently thereby increasing their tolerance of standing. The EasyStand Bantam will fit children from an early age through primary school.

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standing frame
wheelchair scales

Wheelchair Scales

Our scales are low profile and can be accessed from both sides making it easy to get on and off for a wheelchair user. The digital display is connected via a long cable meaning it can positioned in any convenient position or wall mounted using the supplied brackets.

  • Heavy duty digital wheelchair scales
  • Low profile aluminium platform
  • Battery or mains operated
  • Pre-tare function to save wheelchair weight
  • Large LCD display
  • Wheels on one end for transport
  • Suitable for manual or electric wheelchair
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Our scales are easy to get on and off and use!

Our wheelchair scales are ready to go out of the box – you simply place them on a flat surface, connect the digital display and your ready to start weighing! With wheels on the one side you can lift them up to transport and lean against a wall for storage if needed.