The Invictus Active Trainer has allowed many wheelchair users to improve their health. This easy to use roller, lets wheelchair users get an excellent upper body workout, and the Smart Plus model also keeps a record of your performance. Keeping track of your numbers is important for any athlete, and for a wheelchair user, it can be even more useful. The Smart Plus model senses both the speed and the distance covered during the workout. It also has a heart rate monitor and can calculate the number of calories burned up during your workout.

The handy phone stand, that comes included, lets you place your smartphone within sight so that you can monitor your numbers. Being able to observe the figures as you train can give you added motivation to go further, push harder, and get your heart really pumping. Not only that, the app lets you keep track of all your sessions, so you can see your progress. Having access to all this data can help you to tailor-make your workouts to obtain maximum benefits.

The Smart Plus Invictus Active Trainer

The Smart Plus Invictus Active Trainer with its incorporated ergometer offers you the best option for getting fit, and, having a record of your performances can also provide valuable data for tests or for research.

With the Invictus Active Trainer, you will improve your cardiac and pulmonary function and burn up calories to keep you at an ideal weight. You will build muscle, increase your coordination and improve your pushing technique. Keeping track of your numbers with the Smart Plus model lets you get the most out of your trainer and to push yourself to better health, and additionally, you will find everyday pushing will become easier.  That means that you will be able to push yourself to more places with less effort, and so enjoy greater freedom.