The advantages that a wheelchair bike attachment can provide to a wheelchair user can be immense.

Whether you are in the UK or elsewhere, this article will highlight some of these advantages for you and help point you in the right direction for the best of the best wheelchair bike attachments available on the market and things to consider when making your decision.

Disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, have a specific set of challenges to overcome when it comes to mobility. Simply put, pushing yourself in a wheelchair limits your ability to move over certain types of ground, and also tires you out if you’re pushing yourself all day.

Exercise can also become a challenge. What are normally easy ways to exercise such as walking or bike riding are no longer possible options. Thankfully, the options for wheelchair bike attachments has soared, and now wheelchair users have a large selection of wheelchair bike attachments to choose from.

But first, what advantages do bike attachments have exactly?

Wheelchair Bike Attachments

The best wheelchair bike attachments all work in a similar way.

The bike attachment attaches to the front of your wheelchair and becomes an extension to the wheelchair itself. Your wheelchair is slightly lifted off the ground and basically becomes a multi-wheel tricycle.

The good thing about many wheelchair bike attachments is they connect to almost any wheelchair.

Since your wheelchair is converted to what is basically a tricycle, you now have more stability when going over rough terrain or higher speeds.

The bike attachment also allows you the ability to steer and make sharp turns better.

Most importantly, you’re able to get a great exercise in!

Take for example one of the best hand bike attachments, the BerkelBike Connect. The Connect is a high-quality, all purpose bike attachment. With the BerkelBike Connect, it’s just like riding a regular bicycle.

There are pedals for both the hands and legs, and you have the choice to use only the hand pedals, the leg pedals, or of course both at the same time.

These options mean you have the ability to work out your entire body. A full body workout is the best form of strenuous exercise, and now it’s an easy process with the BerkelBike Connect.

There Are Many Advantages to Wheelchair Bike Attachments

A wheelchair bike attachment can be a life-changer for a wheelchair user. Listed here is a summary of just some of the many advantages in using a wheelchair bike attachment.

  • Greater degree of freedom and mobility (better steering and handling; able to travel over difficult terrain)
  • More stability (wheelchairs without bike attachments normally can’t stay balanced on certain surfaces)
  • Full Body Workouts; now you can workout your entire body and stay healthy

There’s many options to choose from when looking at wheelchair bike attachments.

The BerkelBike Connect is a great start, but there are even more great bike attachments offered by BerkelBike. Check them out and see which one is perfect for you.